About Mech Agri Tech

We know manufacturing's a tough gig. It's our job to make your life easier. Get peace of mind knowing we're guaranteeing quality. We streamline your product development, supply chain and distribution. We take the sour out of sourcing products from India, with sweet supply chain solutions designed for small to medium-sized businesses on the rise.

Our Goals

  • Expand the company's geographic reach by establishing a presence in new regions and countries to better serve global customers. Expand our customer base by targeting new industries and markets, while maintaining strong relationships with existing customers.

  • Implement robust quality control measures to ensure that all products meet or exceed customer expectations and industry standards. Increase efficiency in the production process through the implementation of new technologies.

  • Maintain a focus on sustainability by reducing waste and implementing environmentally friendly practices in all aspects of the business. .


    Rathan Prasad M
    Founder & CEO

    Mech Agri Tech India

    Vijayakumar Patil
    Co-Founder & Project Manager

    Mech Agri Tech India