Our Core values


We believe in fairness for our amazing clients and suppliers—it’s at the heart of what we do. The best business deal is where everyone wins.

Transparent Pricing

Cost-effective sourcing solutions with no hidden costs or fees

Partnering you with the Best

Work with industry-leading suppliers and manufacturers

Quality Focus

Quality is key. We ensure that your products meet the quality requirements and the standards set

Supply chain Efficiency

Build and maintain a supply chain that's tuned for long-term growth


Our commitment to research and development means we build the equipment you can consistently rely on, year in year out, ensuring you exceptional value for money and lower cost of ownership.

About Us

We help manufacturer scale rapidly, build innovatively, and grow holistically. We know manufacturing's a tough gig. It's our job to make your life easier. Get peace of mind knowing we're guaranteeing quality. We streamline your product development, supply chain and distribution. We take the sour out of sourcing products from India, with sweet supply chain solutions designed for small to medium-sized businesses on the rise.

More About Company

Customer Challenges

  • Sourcing alternative factories. Language barriers. Factory standards. Ethical Responsibility. Compliance.
  • Product quality control. Powder Coating, Sampling, resampling. Intellectual property protection. Protective Packaging. Reducing andmitigating supply chain risks.
  • Requires a permanent solution to their demand and inventory challenges.
  • Finding top-tier ethical and compliant factories that share their values & skillsets.
  • Locate an agile and innovative manufacturer who places emphasis on exceptional machinery & standards to ensure commercial consistency
  • Establish a strategic manufacturing partner that will continue to uphold their reputation.
  • Ensuring overseas manufacturing partner can grow efficiently and keep feeding the worlds hungriest herds.
  • Manage and mitigate risks in new market production

Mech Agritech Solution

  • Mech Agritech will present and recommend the most ideal offshore production solutions, oversee prototyping, product development, quality assurance, IP protection, bulk production in its entirety, manage ongoing quality control, logistics, shipping - all to ensure consistently high quality and timely product deliveries.
  • We've developed a powerful sourcing supply chain network thanks to staff communicating in the native language of production country.
  • Mech Agritech will become your full manufacturing and supply-chain team, we will provide costings in FOB plus in our landed terms including all costs and our fees. We manage vendors on your behalf and ensure that all your goals are achieved. This includes sampling, production, QC & logistics - all managed by our team.


At Mech Agritech , our vision is to become the leading consulting firm in the agriculture industry, known for our expertise, integrity, and commitment to delivering superior results to our clients. We strive to be at the forefront of technological innovation in manufacturing, and to help our clients achieve sustainable growth and success through our services.


Mech Agritech is committed to providing high-quality consulting services to our clients in the farming equipment's / attachments. Our mission is to help our clients optimize their operations, increase their efficiency, and achieve their business goals through the implementation of cutting-edge technology and innovative manufacturing processes